Welcome to K. S. (King Solomon) Industries!

Sharing, Teaching, Encouraging! Since 1992!

KSI was started in 1992. It has been the umbrella for all Vanita’s entrepreneurial activities for 25 years and continues to be today. What is KSI doing today?

  • JustVanita! – Vanita has a personal website which provides more details on a more personal note. You can visit www.justvanita.com for more information.
  • Abbe Benjamin Press (ABP) – Vanita holds a Ph.D. in Theology. She is a published author and has several pieces on Amazon.com. 
  • KSI Genealogy – Vanita has a personal passion for her own genealogical history and she shares that passion with just about everyone she meets, by encouraging them to begin their own research. Thus, Vanita provides genealogical services through KSIGen, including pro-bono assistance. You can learn more about KSIGen at http://www.justvanita.org. You can contact Vanita with questions and requests concerning genealogy at justvanita7@outlook.com.
  • KSI Crafts & Creations – While some crafts are more of a relaxing venture nowadays, in the past Vanita built and sold 12″ scale miniatures, including room-boxes and dolls’ houses. Today, on the business side, she continues to create and sell craft items of polymer clay, and handmade books for ABP and KSIGen.

KSI has a thirst for theological truth, a talent for creativity, and a deep passion for ancestral roots. Vanita believes that sharing what has been created, learned, and discovered is the most rewarding aspect of KSI.

Last updated: 29 June 2021