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What is your belief? ABP encourages you to “Have FAITH!” BELIEVE in the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob, and HIM only! CORRECT what you “think” you understand about HIM!
Vanita Lynn Warren

Upcoming ABP Content:

  • Video Powerpoints of Theological Topics
    • Theology Proper
    • Theology-Two House Israel
    • Scripture Studies
    • Word Studies
    • Textual Criticism
  • The Ambassador Journal (TAJ)
    • Two-House Israel Theology
    • Socio-Political Issues – America
    • Socio Political Issues – The Church
    • Creation Science Topics
  • Books by Dr. Warren

ABP will “go live” in the near future! Vanita is still uploading and updating content. When the website is finished, you will be able to access all materials at www.justvanita.org.

Until ABP goes live, you can still find Vanita’s books on Vanita’s Page on Amazon.com. And we will post new or updated items below…


The Shepherds of Israel is a 3-Part Lecture Presentation, based upon Ezekiel Chapter 34, regarding the individuals who are accountable for leading God’s people over the centuries; whether they are Jews or Christians


Self-Creation vs. I AM (Chart) – 2019-self creation vs i am

The Satanic Default Rebuttal – 25 Sep 2018 – taj-creationism-the satanic default