About Vanita

Vanita Lynn Warren

Author, Theologian, Genealogist.

I am a Messianic scholar and theologian.

I am the owner of K.S. (King Solomon) Industries and its divisions: KSI Genealogy (KSIGen), KSI Crafts & Creations, and Abbe Benjamin Press (ABP).

I hold a Th.B. (1999), Th.M. (2002), and Ph.D. of Theology (2015) from Andersonville Theological Seminary (ATS). ATS is an excellent Seminary for those who are willing to put in the work independently.

I am also a professional genealogist with a passion for people’s ancestral roots; as well as for those with Hebraic spiritual roots.

I am a retired law enforcement officer, with over 20 years of civilian and military investigative and criminal justice experience. I am also retired Air Force with over 24 years of Active-duty and Reserve service.


Recently, the Lord put on my heart to address the negative perceptions toward the non-governmental accreditation of many faith-based educational institutions. ATS is one of those institutions. Simply because an institution is not “accredited” by the DoE, it is given a negative connotation. Then, it is often cited as a “diploma/degree mill.”

While it is true that some individuals may use these colleges and universities as a cheap way to be called a degreed person, or even a “Doctor” of something; that certainly does not apply to everyone. Is it much less expensive than traditional institutions who require their students to come out with loads of debt? Absolutely! But the traditional “accredited” colleges are full of people who come out with a “degree” and have no education. Therefore, it is up to the student to ensure he/she is getting the best out of what is being offered. In this instance; you don’t get what you pay for; you get out of it, what you put into it.

From a faith-based perspective, the Lord said to be a Berean and search the Scriptures. He also promised to be our guide in understanding and learning. If that is the focus of any faith-based student, then they are on the right track. Yes, you can absolutely seek guidance from other Believers, and you should; but you will run into doctrinal issues. And as long as you are aware of them, you are on solid ground. There is a plethora of conflicting doctrinal views in Christianity, and all of them cannot be right at the same time. Therefore, if two disagree, either one is wrong, or they both are wrong. The Holy Spirit will not give conflicting messages. God is not the author of confusion. Thus, it is necessary to be aware that there are differences, and to agree to disagree where possible. The Lord will make things clear in His time.

I’ve worked very hard on all of my degrees because everything I learn about the Lord; I can take with me when I die. I can’t pull a wool over His eyes.

I can’t take a Law degree, Business degree, Education degree, Electronics degree, Management degree, or a Criminal Justice degree with me when I die. And, I have a lot of education credits in those areas as well [that ARE from accredited institutions–well over 160hrs], including the Community College of the Air Force. Additionally, I learned Biblical Hebrew from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem online programs, up to Biblical Hebrew C. If you want to learn Hebrew, this is what I would suggest. I studied Greek on my own; and I am also semi-fluent in Spanish and Italian through courses from the University of Maryland while overseas and other universities CONUS.

Finally, while I didn’t spend tens of thousands of dollars in DoE accredited institutions; I have had to amass my own personal library of over 1,000 books in the theological genre. That does not include the Kindle books, or the numerous amounts of PDF old historical books that can be downloaded from Google Books. Again, proficiency in education is ultimately up to the student, not the teacher.