About Vanita

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Vanita Lynn Warren

Author, Theologian, Genealogist.

Vanita Lynn Warren is a Messianic scholar and theologian.

She is the owner of K.S. (King Solomon) Industries and its divisions: KSI Genealogy (KSIGen), KSI Crafts & Creations, and Abbe Benjamin Press (ABP).

She holds a Th.B., Th.M., and Ph.D. of Theology from Andersonville Theological Seminary.

Vanita is also a professional genealogist with a passion for people’s ancestral roots, as well as their Hebraic spiritual roots.

Vanita is a retired law enforcement officer, with over 20 years of civilian and military investigative and criminal justice experience. She is also retired Air Force with over 24 years of Active-duty and Reserve service.