KSI Is All About Creating & Re-Creating!


KSI Crafts & Creations. . .   This is how I relax!

  • Assembles and designs miniature 12″-scale homes & room-boxes
  • Handmade books & journals
  • Unique keep-sake boxes
  • Polymer clay designs
The Dava Nuptial Roombox


Vanita has been building and creating dollhouse miniatures for over 17 years. Over the years, she has built over eleven 12-inch scale miniature homes and numerous room-boxes, including some built from scratch of her own designs; as well as many created from kits.

shout-out is in order to RGT (Real Good Toys). You often see their houses in Hobby Lobby.


Vanita also makes and sells handmade books and journals. KSI’s books and journals already have something in them–no blank pages. Vanita also takes old books, whose copyright has expired, and binds them. Like “Solitudes” –seen below! KSI will begin selling these type of items on Etsy in the near future, for ABP and KSI Crafts & Creations products.

Some KSI books, journals, and creations:

KSI Handmade Journals
The Solitudes of Man
KSI’s Polymer Clay Over Jars Designs


Polymer Clay Creations – is a new KSI pursuit. Vanita is always looking at what can be re-purposed. Jars are a favorite when it comes to polymer clay re-designs.  The flower jars see above are an example of KSI polymer clay fun. Vanita also makes polymer clay mezuzahs.

Boxes w/A Face-Lift

Creative Boxes – Vanita also takes boxes and re-purposes them for storing small items–or just for a good design look. These stack of boxes are a sample of KSI re-designs.